The forum was moderated by Dr. Fabian Schmid, se commerce GmbH and Project Manager DigitalTWIN. ©seele

The DigitalTWIN research consortium presented the first results of the defined research use cases at the "XR4Site" user meeting.

With a clear conclusion: the use of digital tools in construction, Industry 4.0 and BIM can only succeed if ICT development and the use of new technologies go hand in hand in an…

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[Translate to En:] Darstellung der HeatMap auf dem Client-Rechner. ©se commerce

DigitalTWIN optimises 3D scanning for quality inspection during construction using 5G wireless and cloud technologies

Research consortium DigitalTWIN has developed a demo to demonstrate remote quality assurance of compnents via 3D alignment. Showing how to improve quality inspection processes on the…

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DigitalTWIN broadcasts live from a TV studio installed at test site of the facade construction company seele. © seele

Together with the partners XR HUB Bavaria, NetDiSC and scaleIT, the DigitalTWIN research consortium is hosting the online forum "XR4Site" on June 25/26, 2020 to present the current results…

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