Using MR technology for quick target/actual comparison on the construction site

DigitalTWIN optimises 3D scanning for quality inspection during construction using 5G wireless and cloud technologies

[Translate to En:] Darstellung der HeatMap auf dem Client-Rechner. ©se commerce

Research consortium DigitalTWIN has developed a demo to demonstrate remote quality assurance of compnents via 3D alignment. Showing how to improve quality inspection processes on the construction site. The demo focuses on the transmission and processing of 3D scans by using a powerful, cloud-based network and computer infrastructure for quality and component inspection. Camera and 3D data are transmissioned via 5G wireless technology and processed on an edge or enterprise server. A heatmap calculated with algorithms is displayed in a HoloLens. In combination with modern mixed-reality technology, the testing process can be simplified and made more convenient. The demo was developed by the consortium partners seele, Fraunhofer HHI and Carl Zeiss 3D Automation.

Watch demo clip here