Presentation of DigitalTWIN demo landscape

Live interaction in planning and execution of a grid shell construction

DigitalTWIN demo landscape

The research consortium has compiled its results in a demo landscape. 5 stations (architecture IT, scale IT, connection HUB, build IT, use IT) showcase all service phases in the construction process using the exemple of a grid shell construction.

Visitors can slip into the role of planner or fabricator and implement an own grid shell project. Digital tools are supporting the service phases. 

Watch the video of the demo landscape here 

All stations at a glance

  • architecture IT: This is where the building project starts. The event tracker accompanies the team through all processes.
  • scale IT: Design your grid shell model and check feasibility with the fabricator.
  • connection HUB: Create bandwidth and a scalable network for your construction project.
  • build IT: Improve and automate manufacturing processes with industry 4.0 technologies.
  • use IT: Accelerate your workflow on the construction site by using smart devices.