Use Case 1: Monitoring during building operation and maintenance support

Use Case 1 addresses the easy availability and visualisation of live measured data at the building through the digital twin using edge cloud and cluster computing technologies.

Use Case 1 for research project DigitalTWIN

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An innovative, multi-layered façade system ensures long-term, low-maintenance use. To offer the customer a maintenance service that is optimised and target-oriented, the conditions of the glass elements are continuously monitored.

The acquisition of temperature, humidity and air pressure values also enables weather data to be recorded in detail for facility management. The shared use of measurement data by users, operators, product manufacturers and consultants is a typical use case for the development and management of a collaborative digital twin.

This use case allows the development of the fundamental platform features (hardware connectivity, rights management, data safety and security), the integration of specific algorithmic analysis and the implementation of AR technologies (visualisation using a 3D model, remote access for maintenance support). The hardware infrastructure required will be implemented based on existing technologies.