Monitoring of façades in building operation with sensor networks and cloud clusters

To support the monitoring of buildings, the research project DigitalTWIN shows how double skin façade elements in buildings can be operated more effectively and efficiently in the future on the basis of networked information and interactive instructions. For this purpose, the façade elements of iconic skin are equipped with sensors that measure important characteristic values in the cavity.

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After the start of the research project in June 2018, the market conditions, technologies and standards were analysed and the core technologies selected. In addition, the consortium developed three Use Cases, which address exemplarily relevant issues of digitisation in the construction industry. Use Case 1 deals with the simple availability and visualization of live measurement and test data at the building using the digital twin and edge cloud and cluster computing technologies.

Currently, iconic skin's built-in ISOshade® sensor technology in the component can be used as an example to retrieve information on the condition, to detect changes via time series analyses and to operate the solar shading system via the digital model. Intuitive user interfaces display the status of the façade in real time: Maintenance traffic lights, for example, report when limit values are exceeded as a warning or alarm. In addition, the warnings and alarms are transmitted to the integrated HoloLens as tasks for the defined roles of facility manager and maintenance engineer.

You can experience the demo under the following link: